Finally I’m here! #firstpost

Posted on 24 elokuun, 2017

Springtime is the best for me! The darkness of the long long winter is turning into light of the sun and the energy. I feel super creative and very happy about doing what I do, so everything is fine fine fine.

Messed up ateliee…

This spring is starting with some new things so I feel exited about that. Finally I got to open my pages here! Wohoo ?? ! Thanks to my extremely patient webmaster ??. And I got to be part of the new Art selling web shop called Helium Helsinki? I Can’t wait what the rest of the Spring will bring.

Paintings at the wall of Helka Hotel.

Hotel Helka is still my strongest stage at this point. I keep my favourite hotel’s walls full of life and colour in the future too! The collection is there to see in all times. Take a friend along, grab a glass of wine and chill for a moment with my Art and Helka’s unique atmosphere!

Also, next Xhibition is around the corner. I will let you know all about When n What n Where -when the time is ripe !

So it’s time for action. I Have exiting commissions and new pieces to do. My Bose-headphones are bouncing like boomboxes in the 80’s! I have found some new artist’s to listen n feel, among the Good Old School Classics to burn my sneakers with! So my imagination is just on ?! This springtime is about painting painting and painting… just the way I like it ????


Art from the Heart ?

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